Behavior Modification

Are you having problems with one of the following behaviors with your dog?

With our behavior modification program you can change your dog's problematic behavior. In many problem behaviors it is an emotion that is driving the behavior, therefore, we first focus on changing that emotion from negative to positive. For example, if you are afraid of spiders but every time you see one you will get $100 and the spider goes away, that will pretty quickly make you tolerate the sight of a spider much better! Then we will replace the unwanted behavior with acceptable behaviors. In most cases our dogs are just showing completely normal canine behaviors but they happen at the wrong place at the wrong time. Dogs do not know what we humans consider bad or good. It is our task to teach it to them. The training should be started sooner rather than later because the longer your dog is allowed to indulge in an unwanted behavior the stronger it becomes.

In our behaviour modification packages we make an individualized training plan based on you and your dog, there are no cookie-cutter solutions, it is the dog who determines what works. Some behaviours require more training and time than others, but all modification takes time and guardian compliance.

Pricing and registration

Initial assessment for new students $125 + HST (1 hour)

Individual follow-up sessions $110 + HST (1 hour)

Package of four (4) sessions (1 hour each): $400 + HST

Note! Additional travel expenses may apply!

Please read our training philosophy and private training policies before registering.

For more information and to register, please contact Mirkka Koivusalo. We will send you a mandatory behavior questionnaire to fill in before the commencement of training.