Getting A Puppy

Where to get the right information?

Life with a new puppy can be overwhelming so it is important to get started on the right track and find the right kind of information. Puppies rely on us being a good parents who understand the puppy’s needs from a canine point of view. There are many things to consider: potty training, puppy socialization, chewing, management, handling the puppy and training him to be a model citizen in the human society. If we don't teach these things to our puppy something else in the environment will and the chances are we're not going to like the result. To make the puppyhood a pleasurable experience for both the parents and the puppy, it is time to start studying!

First of all, it is very important to know where to and where not to get your puppy from. Dr. Ian Dunbar's Dog Star Daily site has free downloadable books: Before and After You Get Your Puppy.

Compilation of puppy resources

  1. Potty Training
  2. Puppy Socialization
  3. Crate And Other Confinement Training
  4. Getting Your Puppy Used To Handling
  5. Chewing And Puppy Nipping