Rally Obedience

Beautiful teamwork

Learn to train your dog obedience the clicker way and you will get an enthusiastic working partner! Rally is an obedience sport that emphasizes fun and excitement for the dog, handler and spectator. Dog and handler use directional signs to run through a numbered course within an allotted time. Rally challenges you and your dog in a partnership that improves heeling and teamwork.

Rally Skills LEVEL 1

This 5-week course will give you the knowledge and ability to prepare your dog for Rally Obedience trials so your dog can earn his or her Rally Novice (RN) title. After that, Rally Advanced (RA) and Rally Excellent (RE) titles can be earned! Even if trials are not close to your heart rally is a wonderful way of bonding and getting an obedient dog.


Completion of a foundation level clicker training course (Life Skills or other). All handlers and dogs must be clicker savvy and motivated to work.

Learning outcomes

Rally Skills LEVEL 2

On demand we also run a level 2 class. We take the training beyond the basics and practice precision, cueing, behavior chains for rally courses, building more enthusiasm for heelwork and getting ready for trials. The pre-requisite is completion of a basic Rally class either with us or another clicker training based school.



Courses run at BauHound Haus, 276 Main St E, Milton.

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Courses run at 103A-388 Carlaw Avenue, M4M 2T4.

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Pricing and registration

Five-week course $200 + HST

For more information, please contact Mirkka Koivusalo

Please read our training philosophy and group class policies before registering.