Scent Detection

Utilize your dog's natural scenting abilities

A dog's sense of smell is about thousand times more sensitive than that of humans. This is how dogs gather information about their surroundings all the time. People use a dog's keen sense of smell in many ways from search and rescue missions to detecting narcotics, bed bugs or diseases. Every dog possesses this amazing scenting ability and they love performing tasks where they can use this skill.

Scent Skills

In Scent Skills classes we develop your dog's scenting skills to search and locate a target scent. These exercises burn off mental and physical energy, and reinforce the bond between dog and owner. Because every dog will be working individually in class, this program is suited also for reactive dogs.

You choose the scent of interest to suit your purposes. It can be for example mushrooms, an essential oil, scent of a specific human, spices, tea etc. If you wish to prepare your dog for Sport Detection Trials, a Canadian dog sport where the dog locates an essential oil scent within a search area, we will use essential oils.

Learning outcomes


Completion of a foundation level positive training course (Life Skills or other). All handlers and dogs must be clicker savvy and motivated to work! Dogs should be comfortable spending time alone on their mat/in a crate while waiting for their turn.

Scent Skills Level 2

On demand we also run a level 2 class. We re-touch the basics by increasing the dogs' commitment to scent source and proceed to interior and exterior searches. The pre-requisite is completion of a Scent class either with us or another clicker training based school.



Courses run at BauHound Haus, 276 Main St E, Milton.

The next Level 1 series starts on Sat March 25 @ 3.30 pm (no classes on Easter weekend).


Course runs at 103A-388 Carlaw Avenue, M4M 2T4

Inquire about our next series in Toronto.

Pricing and registration

Six-week course $240 + HST (Level 1).

Five-week course $200 + HST (Level 2)

For more information, please contact Mirkka Koivusalo

Please read our training philosophy and group class policies before registering.