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"We have a very reactive rescue dog that went through some pretty serious puppy trauma. When we first got him home from the shelter, he was so calm. But after the "honeymoon" period wore off, we knew we needed help! He would bark aggressively at anyone or any dog that came anywhere near us! We could never have company over, and we were always nervous around other dogs and strangers. We initially tried the very popular "dominance theory" and it went VERY badly. He became more aggressive, and more fearful. When we finally found Mirkka, she took us through positive training with scientifically proven methods. She was very straightforward and compassionate in her approach. We never felt pressure, but with her encouragement, felt determined to work through the training. She sets realistic goals, and helps you reach them successfully. Our little guy is now doing much better. With the tools Mirkka gave us we are able to have (lots!) of guests over and walking him has become an absolute pleasure. She helped us condition his emotional response – and this has made him not just an easier dog, but also a happier one! We're so happy with Mindful Behaviours! I would highly recommend it to anyone - especially those with a new rescue. Training a rescue can be really challenging, and emotionally exhausting. We're so happy we had Mirkka and Mindful Behaviours to help us through it" Rebecca Bliss, Toronto.

"I contacted Mirkka because we wanted to improve our puppy Thurmon's walking before his habit of pulling on the leash became engrained. We tackled that right away, and saw an immediate improvement after just the first session. Then we moved on to many other useful behaviours - all done very logically, methodically, with small enough steps that both myself and the puppy could feel successful and confident right away. It was rewarding and fun." Julie Saunders, Toronto.

"I highly recommend Mindful Behaviours training. Brae and I have attended puppy, life skills and shy dogs sessions. Mirkka is highly attentive to each dog and owner and is able to quickly make individual recommendations and modifications to the training during the one-hour session. The positive approach employed suits my expectations and Brae has responded well to the training. The space is clean and ample at BauHound Haus and Mirkka is well-equipped with training aides. I plan to continue working with Mirkka through Brae's adolescence." Janice Bowman, Milton.

"Mirkka uses true operant conditioning as her training model. The classes are small and geared to the needs of the individual. Her ability to understand the needs of a traumatized animal and to focus her attention to his needs made the training we did for him improve his outlook considerably" Joanne Davidson, Brantford.

"I can't speak highly enough of Mirkka's training. I attended the session in Milton with my rather opinionated Aussie. As a teacher, I am always aware of others' teaching styles and I was very impressed by Mirkka's. At the start of each session, she would communicate her goals for that day. The hour was always planned well with enough activities to keep the dogs learning but not enough to overwhelm them. She was extremely patient (with both the dogs and their owners!) and sensitive to when the dogs needed a break. I really appreciated her constructive feedback. She would spot something you could correct, tell you/demonstrate how to do it, and then praise when it was being done correctly. Mirkka was also very supportive via email. If I wanted to ask her about something before the next class, I would receive a timely email answering my question and supporting my efforts with my pup. Lastly, I like how Mirkka explained how to break down anything into manageable steps for the dogs. It has given me a new way of approaching training time with my Aussie. I highly recommend Mirkka and her training for any breed or age of dog. Thanks so much, Mirkka" Becky Wertman, Milton.

"Mirkka is a true professional! My dog was having reactivity issues with other dogs and Mirkka immediately came up with an action plan that was easy to understand and was very successful in thwarting this unwanted behaviour. I would most definitely recommend Mirkka and would use her in the future should the need rise” Jason Arseneau, Milton.

"My parents began using Mindful Behaviours after adopting a severely traumatized rescue dog. I was able to watch the transformation from a shy, introverted dog to happy and well-adjusted family pet. Later, I enrolled my own dog in Mirkka's Shy Dog class and I've saw great improvement in her confidence with strange dogs and people. Mindful Behaviours goes beyond teaching the basics of "sit", "down" and "heel". They teach students to understand the canine brain, and how it works, making them better owners with happier dogs.” Leigh Spooner, Milton.

"Since bringing our dog Bijou to Shy Dog Socials with Mirkka, we have noticed that she is more confident around other dogs. She no longer tries to run away in fear when approached by another dog. We believe that the classes have really helped with this fear, and even her groomer agrees! We will continue to attend the classes so that Bijou has a chance to socialize in a well-controlled, caring and balance environment. Mirkka does a great job making the dogs feel calm and safe” Melanie Manovich, Milton.

"We attended Mirkka's training in Milton at Bauhound haus. We brought our 12 week old puppy who was getting really out of hand with is nipping. The training ridded him of his biting AND focused his mind to help him be more happy and balanced. Small classes = better results. Mirkka also sent us many tips via email. Overall, great value and would recommend.” Angie Dairou, Milton.

Cranky Canine testimonials

"...After a very stressful (and failed) attempt at curbing our dog's reactive behaviour with a correction-based trainer, the Cranky Canine course was exactly what we needed. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, and the low instructor-to-student ratio made it so that any/all questions or concerns were addressed immediately in a very personal way. Caryn & Mirkka were always supportive and positive (of us and our dog Teddy) throughout the entire course; this was very important to us, as it can often seem embarrassing or even shameful to admit you have a reactive dog... not to mention stressful dealing with the pup's behaviour! Since taking the course, Teddy has practically stopped reacting to the presence of other dogs, since we are consistently reinforcing good, constructive behaviour from Teddy using all of the great tools given to us over the 8 sessions. Unfortunately Teddy continues to react to motorcycles (who can blame him?!), however my husband and I both feel confident that we've been given the necessary tools to work through this gradually and successfully on our own during the coming months. We consider this to be a HUGE bonus, since dealing with motorcycles was not part of the Cranky Canine course curriculum, but the tools we gained are totally relevant! So if you have a reactive dog and you're looking for a safe and positive learning environment to help you and your pup through this difficult time, then this is the course for you. We saw a clear improvement after the first week of class, and by week 4 our confidence in our ability (and Teddy's) to properly deal with any potentially reactive situation had sky-rocketed. Puppy kisses of gratitude go out to Caryn & Mirkka. We will be keeping in touch!..." Erica, Andrew & Teddy, Toronto

"...I thought the frequency of the class and the content was amazing. It forced dog owners to deal with the issue straight on in a really active way, since 2 x per week is a pretty heavy schedule. I think this sort of schedule is necessary for dogs to learn well..."Anonymous Toronto.

"...The instructions, helpfulness and friendliness of the trainers [was outstanding]. They were always calm and the dogs loved them. Instructions were clear and if something didn't work one way they easily tweaked a method and came up with creative ways of solving problems..." Anonymous Toronto.